True Food Kitchen Meets Timeless Quality

If you’ve been to Scottsdale Quarter or the Biltmore recently, you may have seen a True Food Kitchen restaurant. Maybe you’ve already dined in one or you saw a dish in a friend’s Instagram Story. True Food is a growing chain and because we love growing companies some of our family members helped get True Food off the ground before starting Timeless Wood Furniture.  

Here at Timeless Wood furniture, we have deep ties with True Food Kitchen, working for the company for more than five years serving and bartending. We eventually worked our way up to opening new locations in Denver and Santa Monica. Working at True Food and helping them grow to what they are today was our passion and we’re excited by the amount of success they’ve had.

Fast forward to today: we have now signed a deal with True Food to supply custom benches for their new locations. Our Jerome Bench is handcrafted with beautiful mosaic hardwood on the top and sides. It’s made from a combination of alder, walnut, maple and mahogany for a gorgeous yet timeless look. Since each one is crafted by hand, every bench is unique with distinctive grains and knots to give it an unprecedented character. We are proud to be a part of their 25-plus locations slated to open in the next few years.

We enjoy dining out at True Food as a family and are excited to provide handcrafted benches for them. We make all of our furniture by hand here at Timeless Wood Furniture to deliver quality and functional furniture built to last for decades. Contact us to learn more about distinctive American-made furniture you can depend on.