Furniture Friday: Interior design tips from the pros. Chelsea Parrish

Interior Design can be intimidating. That's why we invited Chelsea Parrish of Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors to chat about the current state of the industry and where to start when designing a space. Chelsea was gracious with her time and had some insightful and surprising things to say.

Our biggest takeaway ... start with a rug and design around that. 🤯

Chelsea Parrish

TWF: What design trends should we look for in 2019?
CP: I try to not focus on trends and remain diligent on making interiors timeless and classic. I strive to not make interiors feel "trendy" or possibly become dated in a few years.

TWF: How has the interior design business changed and evolved over the last few years?
CP: So much. Now, there is way more accessibility to products. Also, with the endless imagery that is available, I think consumers fall into rabbit holes on trends. A talented designer won't focus on the mass demand but focus on the architecture and stay true to that. (i.e. contemporary farmhouse, white shaker cabinetry, brass hardware, etc.) That is a benefit of hiring a professional.

TWF: Do you have any advice for someone designing a new space? Where should they start?
CP: It's always so helpful for the client to gather images that inspire them or elements of a design they like. The more images the better!

TWF: How do you know when you're done designing a space?
CP: The process of designing a space ranges. But typically, I like to start with the architecture of the home and stick to that style. We've all walked into those homes where the interior design does not match the architecture and it feels odd. Then I select rugs - I have found it's much easier to start with a rug and pull the character and colors from that instead of the other way around. It's easier to find fabrics that coordinate with a rug rather than the other way around. Then I select the furnishings and case goods. Lastly, I like to gather the accessories and place them in the space. Spaces have a tendency to swallow up accessories, so I usually bring a lot and return what we don't need or keep only the special pieces. After I'm satisfied with the accessories, that is when I know the space is complete.

TWF: What is your favorite room to design and why?
CP: I really love to design Powder Rooms or Guest Bathrooms. It's a room that all your guests will see, so I like to spend time making this space unique and unforgettable. Your Powder Room becomes a little treasure box - you can have fun with it.