Dine in the Perfect Space

The X-Wing is a spectacular starfighter armed with four laser cannons and two torpedo launchers that balance both speed and firepower. Oh, wait, wrong product. But this one is just as sensational. Timeless Wood Furniture has crafted a beautiful table to match our other products, all of which are designed to make your home exactly how you want.

Our X-Wing Dining Table is handmade and guaranteed to last a lifetime of wining and dining. This off-center piece is sure to set your dining room straight with its heavy-duty, rustic appeal. Not only that, but the old-world aesthetic can be the perfect touch even in a modern dining atmosphere. The X-Wing is built with top quality premium hardwood and comes with five finishes to choose from. It’s sure to be the center of conversation at your next dinner party. And Luke Skywalker would still be proud.

We at Timeless Wood Furniture are devoted to handcrafting beautiful furniture in our Glendale headquarters and delivering it right to your home. After all, Arizona is in our DNA. Our bed frames provide a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night and our dressers, nightstands, and tables boast a simple yet attractive style to the place you want to make perfect. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime and what we can build just for you.